Thunderhead - Chris Holmes Tribute Site

Welcome! This website is a tribute to the legendary guitarist Chris Holmes. During his career with W.A.S.P. and several other bands, Chris played some of the coolest guitars ever made and you can find info and photos of them here. Also included is an analysis of Chris' unique soloing style and you can find information on his gear and sound.

I'm looking forward to improving the site with your help. So if you have more information on Chris or his guitars please let me know and I will consider putting it on the site. I'm also constantly searching for more pictures and videos.

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Last update 10.04.2011
- New site layout published!!! Lots of new pics added of the guitars and each section has something fresh in it. Special thanks to Wayne and Ian!

Previous updates:
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- Added tabs to Electric Circus album!!! View update
Coming soon: More pics and videos...